CARDIP® peelable paint


Seamless car-wrapping with


Car “dipping” describes the innovative method of vehicle foiling / wrapping , in which a liquid film , such as paint is sprayed onto the car in several layers. In this multilevel layer process , the individual layers of sprayed foil film combine and create a robust and strong coating that covers the vehicle seamless and allows to remove  the “dip” like a classic car wrapping foil. Like in a real varnish, CARDIP spray films are available in all paintcolours and effects such as metallic & pearl and a finish in matt or glossy. Thanks to the use of high performance additives from the modern paint production, it is even possible to use the manufacturers original colours. In combination with the matte or glossy surface finish, the combination possibilities for individualization are nearly endless. Applicable on complete vehicles, rims or individual components, CARDIP Sprayfoil gives each vehicle an individual touch and protects the car paint underneath from external influences such as stone-strokes, scratches and weather.